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Moto-Mini would like to thank each manufacturer below for making toy motorcycles. Each logo is a registered trademark of the owner and is used here for identification only. Moto-Mini has no connections with any of these companies. The Moto-Mini Virtual Museum is not an offer to sell. This is an information only web page for the enjoyment of the viewers.

NEW -added on Feb. 5, 2012 A.C. Williams Altaya
NEW -added on Feb. 11, 2012 Kilgore
NEW -added on Feb. 17, 2012 Solido

Makers of Toy Motorcycles

The following toy makers are to be added as I find time:

Commonwealth, D&E, Duncan Toy, EFS, Elmar,
Fisher Price, Formative, Gay Toys,
Golden Wheel, Gordy, Happiness Express, HC, Herpa, Hong Ming Shy,
Jak Pak, Ja-Ru, JE Toys, Kao Shek, Karart,
Kenner, Kidco, K-Mart, Lego, Lehmann, Liberty, Life-Like, LJN, Lucky Star,
Lilliput, Magic, Marvin, Maxwell, McFarland Toys, Megatoys, Mego, Merit, Metro,
Midwestern, Millbrook, Mini Metal, New Ray, Nikko, Noch, Nylint, Onyx, Oriental,
Paul's Metal Art, Play Power, Playmates,
Preiser, Racing Champions, Realtoy, Red Box, Regent, Remco,
Rhino, Roco, Ro-El, Russ, Sanrio, Scientific Toys,Singafund, Small World,
Smart Toys, Son Ai, Spin Master, Spoontiques, Star Toys, Suncon, Supertoys,
TN, Tak A Toy, Tara, Tiger, Tootsietoy, Topway, Toy Biz, Toy State, Toy-O-Rama,
Trendmasters, Wendy's, Western States, Wing Luen, Woodland Scenics, Worldbond,
Yatming and others.

The toys pictured in the museum are Not For Sale.
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